On Set With ASVAB

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Lights, camera, ACTION!

For several weeks, the Oak Grove team has been taking the strides in creating the first installment of a news podcast for the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. The idea of a podcast was sparked after some creative brainstorming when website evaluations showed that the information provided in traditional PDF newsletters were not being viewed as frequently as we had hoped. 

The format of this podcast is a news broadcast focused on experiences of young adults who take a year off between high school graduation and university to work, volunteer, travel, etc. Taking a Gap Year is gaining in popularity, and is becoming slightly more common in the US. More and more colleges have begun to implement formal policies which allow students to defer enrollment to participate in a meaningful program.  The OGT team gathered the necessary research and interviewed several gap year returnees who shared their experiences with us. After all the research, drafts of screenplays and coordinating all the participants, we were ready to shoot!

The three-day filming process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. All of the students came prepared and were enthusiastic to let us capture their experiences. As this is the first time that video media will be used on the ASVAB website, we are eager to see how the audience responds. Stay tuned as we move into the editing phase and watch the podcast come to life! The final product will be posted on the Web for all to see. Can’t wait!

Hang on. What is ASVAB?

ASVAB is a career planning and exploration program that combines a multiple-aptitude test with an interest self-assessment and a wide range of career exploration tools. High school students are given this test across the nation to better help them decide which career/study path is right for them. Typically, newsletters are posted on the website quarterly-annually that touch on different academic and career-related topics. We anticipate that molding the traditional PDF newsletters into a video format will help make the content come to life.