Subject: Low Light Gunfighter

Course Number. & Section: 001, RP01312019

Duration: 2 days (January 31 – February 1, 2019)


Details:  This is a challenging course that will focus on the effective deployment and use of a handheld and weapon mounted light for pistol and carbine. Teaching to think omni-directional and making use of cover and concealment. The course elevates to light usage in a stressful, uncertain tactical environment. The student must have a very good foundation with basic handgun and carbine handling skills prior to attending this challenging class.  We use a building block approach to build the needed confidence in each student to progress into more assertive movement, speed and communication. These concepts taught will provide the foundation necessary to prevail in a low light deadly force encounter.   


Training Topics:

  • Review of the fundamentals of marksmanship
  • The Importance of safe firearms handling under low light
  • Correction of grip, stance and trigger control issues under low light
  • Reloading in low light
  • Transitioning with a malfunction in low light 
  • Handheld flashlight techniques
  • Firearms mounted flashlight techniques 
  • Movement techniques 
    • Position to position
    • Shooting on the move


  • Multiple target engagement tactics
  • One handed weapon operation/manipulation
  • Unsupported shooting
  • The importance of communication in low light


Location: North Carolina Justice Academy, 200 West College St., Salemburg, NC


Class Coordinator:  Ron Pastino,, Cell (919) 909-3631


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