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Oak Grove and TigerSwan to Support Afghan Agriculture

Raleigh, NC – Oak Grove Technologies and TigerSwan, Inc., TOGT,  have been awarded the Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command – Afghanistan (CFSOCC-A) Agricultural Advisor and Training Assistance contract.   

TOGT will support Village Stability Operations (VSO) and an integrated Civil-Military Operations (CMO) Plan by providing U.S. and Afghan agricultural advisors to assess agriculture capability, capacity, and expertise among area farmers. 

Oak Grove CEO Mark Gross said, “Teaming with TigerSwan in support of the CFSOCC-A is certainly an honor. Both of our companies are deeply rooted in the Special Operations community and collectively we hope to make a positive impact on Village Stability Operations in Afghanistan.  We have a great opportunity to give back to the Afghan community and support economic development and stability operations there.”

 “This is a tremendous opportunity for both TigerSwan and Oak Grove Technologies, and our academic teaming partner, North Carolina State University.  "This is a true North Carolina solution supporting Department of Defense forces within Afghanistan and supporting the Afghan people in stability and economic expansion," said TigerSwan CEO James Reese. 

TOGT has worked diligently for months to partner with a world-class university system in North Carolina.   “We are honored and humbled as part of this team to provide global stability support,” said Reese.

 The advisors/trainers will provide mentorship to the Afghan community to increase the quality and quantity of crops produced, identify villages and districts in need of agricultural preservation techniques, and implement training programs to teach basic crop preservation techniques. These activities will be sustained by the appropriate level of technology and sophistication available to the village subsistence farmer.

The advisors will develop regionally focused programs and implement district-level projects to connect farmers to markets and agriculture expertise through activities such as trade fair attendance, agriculture market information systems, model farm builds, and master farmer training. These activities will generate profit and overall sustainability for Afghan farmers.