Oak Grove Technologies To Exhibit At SpecOps East 2008 Warfighter Symposium & Expo

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Fayetteville, NC - Oak Grove Technologies will host a booth at the SpecOps East 2008 Warfighter Symposium and Expo at the Crown Expo Center on November 16-18.

“SpecOps East Expo & Symposium is an excellent opportunity for our company to promote our capabilities and network. We also hope to meet highly qualified military personnel that are interested in employment opportunities when they get out of the service. We are always looking for individuals that fit the profile for the government contracts we specialize in,” said Robert Jones, Recruiter, Oak Grove Technologies.

Attendees of this event will have the opportunity to explore the latest in products and services promoting warfighting effectiveness, efficiency, adaptability, utility, and mobility of special operations forces, as well as other emerging technologies. There will be various demonstrations, exhibits, presentations, and workshops
throughout this three-day event. 

Defense industry, military, and government personnel will make up the majority of those attending this Expo. SpecOps East 2008 is ideal for companies specializing in producing, managing, and developing the following strategies: armor, tactical equipment, search and rescue, diving equipment, night vision, UAV’s, sea navigation devices, communications, weapons systems, medical technology, combat search and rescue, training, robotics, sensors, and security.

About Oak Grove

Throughout the Armed Forces, across federal government agencies, in Law Enforcement, healthcare and beyond our expert staff is delivering results-oriented solutions that are changing the way people live and work for the better.

Our full suite of instructional services includes tactical field training and web-based and mobile learning solutions to prepare teams to successfully execute any mission. We specialize in language, regional expertise, and culture services, and develop truly immersive cultural environments and training programs. We deliver expert intelligence services to support the warfighter, and empower people and their message through strategic communications and information technology services.

Oak Grove mentors owners of veteran small businesses and sponsors special events that honor and aid our veteran community. Additionally, over 75% of our employees have served in the military. Our Service Continues...