Disability Examination Management Web Courses

Oak Grove developed 5 interactive, web-based courses to introduce clinicians to the disabilities claim process. Specifically, we developed training on the department-wide process of preparing for, conducting, closing and thoroughly documenting a legally defensible disability examination. The web-based training was part of a broader effort to streamline the disability claims process, reducing the amount of remanded examinations, with the ultimate goal of diminishing the backlog of unprocessed claims for benefits.



Our main challenges on this project were: 1) finishing a large project in a short time frame; 2) creating engaging, interactive courseware on a routine process; 3) condensing several hours of video and hundreds of pages of instructional material into an hour long course; and 4) developing relevant training on a process and material that was affected by policy changes during content development and WBT production.


Oak Grove conducted extensive research of existing content, developed an outline, and facilitated several meetings with stakeholders from all levels to ensure accuracy and relevance in a dynamic environment. We worked with subject matter experts to develop case studies that follow the examiners from the beginning, to the end of their involvement in the claims process. We gave learners the opportunity to document part of the examination as though they were the examiner.