Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)

Since inception in February 2006, Joint IED Defeat Organization, known as JIEDDO, focused on three primary lines of operation: attacking the network, defeating the device, and training the force. JIEDDO is transitioning from a war-centric organization focused on combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq to a globally-focused organization whose primary customers are the various COCOMs and specifically Special Operations Task Forces. Oak Grove Technologies is supporting the transformation of JIEDDO into a globally focused, warfighter centered, partner in the joint fight against improvised explosive devices, terrorism, and irregular warfare by interfacing with and connecting discrete government offices, providing analytic depth, and producing high-quality analysis ready for a National audience. 


JIEDDO has been tasked by the Deputy Secretary of Defense to evolve into a future-focused organization whose mission not only includes Counter-IED, but the “next” IED, i.e. disruptive technologies and weapons systems that are likely to be employed by asymmetric threats in future conflicts. JIEDDO’s Director has made public his intent to transition the organization to one that is smaller and more agile, but takes on the tasks of centralizing knowledge and training for Counter-Insurgency, Counter-Drug Trafficking Organizations, and Counter-Terrorism within the DOD. 


In an effort to improve threat-intelligence gathering, acquire counter-IED technologies and develop counter-IED training for U.S. troops on the battlefield Oak Grove has staff on-site supporting JIEDDO’s mission. In order to improve internal communication so that the many changes within the organization and mission sets are communicated to even the lowest levels, our on-site staff is providing senior leadership with desk side intelligence briefings, and encouraging different parts of the government and even contractors to communicate with one another will keep everyone informed about where the organization is going and further its mission. 




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“OGT has increased the quality of JIEDDO’s internal and external products, brought them to high levels of attention within the DOD and inter-agency community, and provided direct input to the future shape of the organization itself.”