Prosthetics And Sensory Aids Service

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Services (PSAS) required development of a series of five interactive, web-based courses demonstrating preferred practices to be executed by the national network of PSAS professionals across VA related to national policy, contract compliance requirements, recommended clinical practice, and available resources. The target audience for these courses included clinical providers and Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) administrative staff across Veterans Health Administration (VHA).


VA required video production services complimentary of existing course content. Geographically disbursed facilities and a quick turnaround meant we had to think creatively in order to provide a cost effective solution to video production. The abbreviated timeline also restricted VA SME panels to tight approval deadlines.


Upon award, our project team analyzed the GFM to understand learning objectives and identify areas where video would enhance the learning. We facilitated discussions with VA SMEs to harvest information about overall expectations and roadblocks they face on-the-job. We worked together to select VA locations where experts in the PSAS field performed the actions this series of courses aimed to harmonize.

With clear instruction we simultaneously deployed film crews to leading VA hospitals across the country. In Seattle, crews captured the amputee care process and clinicians at work. In Tampa, we filmed procurement and installations procedures for automotive adaptive equipment. In Pittsburgh, our team attended the National Veteran Wheel Chair Games where VA’s national leaders in physical therapy and related fields had convened to support Veteran athletes competing in a variety of sports. Our team interviewed experts on best practices and regional differences in the way wheeled mobility clinicians do their work and captured once-in-a-lifetime footage of Veterans in action.

With the filming complete, the real work began. In order to work within the time restraints, we waded through hours of raw video and edited based on our knowledge of the clients’ need. We presented ready-to-use video options from which the client could choose. Our collaborative approach set the stage for quick SME approval since critical changes were identified and explained.


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VA and Oak Grove share a common commitment to serving our nation’s Veterans. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, VA adapts to a new normal by sharing experience and standardizing processes. Gaining a thorough understanding of VA’s needs on the front end allowed us to provide a focused selection of ready-to-use film clips that saved valuable time. Careful planning and proper execution were essential to delivering a world-class solution on time and within budget.