Oak Grove Technologies supports the SALT program, a next-generation immersive virtual training solution for close-combat soldiers and squads.

The program was born out of (former) Secretary of Defense Mattis’ concept of Soldiers facing 25 Bloodless Battles before ever facing combat. Soldiers can employ an armory of realistic tether-less simulated weapons in high fidelity virtual all-weather and any-terrain scenarios, while receiving advanced and combat-proven instruction and biometric feedback.

SALT is an interactive training solution with tether-less weapons offering tailorable individual and collective maneuverability, high fidelity terrain, a variety of target arrays, visual effects (including day, night/night vision, and all-weather), as well as realistic ballistic effects. It combines advanced marksmanship, small unit maneuver, cognitive decision-making, and sophisticated biometric feedback.

Our expert Oak Grove instructors deliver a combat-proven training methodology to both individuals and teams, with the ability to tailor the virtual environment and instruction to meet the needs of the trainee.

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CivSAFE: Breakthrough Training to Mitigate Civilian Harm in Military Operations

Building upon the SALT system, CivSAFE is the premier interactive virtual training instruction program to mitigate civilian harm in military operations.

Oak Grove Technologies provides breakthrough immersive virtual combined arms integrated training that facilitates and enhances Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) from the individual to the collective level, in order sustain unit readiness and survivability, minimizing civilian harm during Military Operations.

OGT instructors deliver proven training methodologies that allow commanders to tailor the virtual environment and instruction to meet the rigorous demands of the Combined Arms Fight, that maximizes not only lethality and survivability but enhanced civilian safety in Military Operations. Our expert team has developed real-world Combined Arms Training scenarios such as but not limited to Call for Fire, Air to Ground, ISR Integration, and Shoot Don't Shoot.


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