A Blended Approach To Tactical Training


The shoot house at the Oak Grove Training Center in Hoffman, NC provides teams with a unique training opportunity. Coordinating courses like Close Quarter Battle (CQB) motivated our team to develop a blended learning solution that provides effective tactical training through true-to-life virtual and live training experiences.

The purpose of CQB training is to support and teach our customers on the techniques involved in conflict occurring in close quarters, such as enclosed areas where the surroundings severely limit maneuverability and visibility to the point where standard methods, equipment, and tactics are not suitable. There are four components to this training model: the Exercise Planning Tool, classroom training, the Shoot House Simulation and finally, live training.


Many teams are faced with busy schedules and tight budgets. Spending several days training is a luxury most units cannot afford. A complete solution that maximizes training time and budget was mandatory.


Oak Grove Technologies’ multi-faceted solution engages the client team leads prior to arrival at our training facility through use of our Exercise Planning Tool. The Planning Tool allows users to manipulate various elements of the first and second level of the shoot house in order to create diverse training environments, and to arrange various elements within the structure to effectively influence training objectives. Before they arrive, users have the ability to alter select walls; assign interior and exterior entry points as open, closed, or locked; identify exterior doors for ballistic entry; and strategically position static and pneumatic hostile and non-hostile targets.

After modifying elements in the interactive blue prints, using the 2D editor, team leads can select a 3D bird’s eye view of the overall layout of the building. The 3D WALK THROUGH mode allows for assessment of the selected shoot house configuration for their training. Once satisfied with the scenario, team leads can save, print, and send the configuration to the Training Center staff prior to arrival onsite. From there, students participate in classroom training and the 3D Shoot House Simulation to reinforce the CQB tactics that they will be expected to employ at the shoot house before they engage in live training.


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Typically, clients conduct multiple exercises during a trip to the Training Center. The Planning Tool allows team leads to assign configurations for each new training scenario ahead of time, maximizing the staff preparation and minimizing the time required to reconfigure the shoot house for each scenario.