Multi-Domain Training

Unmanned Systems and Robotics

OGT offers capabilities in design, additive manufacturing, build, payload integration, and operation of unmanned air, ground, and waterborne systems



Information Warfare

OGT leverages information and communication technologies, including disinformation campaigns, social media manipulation, cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, and mitigation techniques. We offer a catalog of courses, proven systems, and IW support to organizations.



Live/Virtual Marksmanship

Our expert instructors train in marksmanship, team maneuver, cognitive decision-making, and de-escalation training in live and virtual environments using cutting-edge technologies.

Role Player & Exercise Support

OGT offers turn-key support with highly experienced exercise planners/facilitators/control cells, as well as vetted cultural, ethnic, and linguistic Role Players to challenge participants in immersive and realistic training environments.