Oak Grove Technologies offers a multitude of capabilities that cover the full spectrum of prototyping, test, and training requirements, including air, ground, and subterranean operations. We have 20 years of experience supporting basic training and instruction activities through advanced Full Mission Profile large-scale exercises. OGT’s existing subject matter expertise, familiarity with training/mission rehearsal, and deep bench of instructors and role players replicate real-world conditions, physical/psychological stressors, and a sophisticated multi-domain environment to ensure units train like they fight.


We attribute our years of success to the quality of our amazing team, our energetic leadership, and our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. A former Army Soldier, founder and CEO, Mark Gross, started Oak Grove Technologies in 2003 with an idea to “create a bridge, between then and now,” and to help veterans like himself with the desire to continue serving our country. Oak Grove Technologies is a well-known participant in programs that benefit the men and women in our armed forces. We sponsor numerous organizations and special events in support of both soldiers and veterans. We also actively employ veterans and offer them the opportunity to cross the bridge and apply their unique military experience to the corporate world. Our diverse team of veteran and civilian employees make Mark’s goal a reality. Oak Grove Technologies continues serving the nation through our contracts with the federal government.