Oak Grove Technologies’ unique range of capabilities allows us to offer versatile solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clients. Our expert team begins each project with a comprehensive front-end analysis to discover the best approach to solving client challenges and design an innovative solution for success. We provide our expertise to the United States, its allied partners, and various international organizati

U.S. Clients

Our expertise in training, team augmentation, learning and courseware development allows us to serve a broad range of military and federal law enforcement clients.
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International Clients

OGT is a well-established contractor specializing in government services on a global scale. We provide leading global experts to support international missions that require specialized training and real-world experience.
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Commercial and Non-Profit Clients

OGT offers management, leadership, and technical solutions tailored to the specific needs of commercial and non-profit clients. We help clients succeed with solutions the address the complex issues these industries face.