In Sue Lin’s World

In Sue Lin’s World™ is an award-winning, interactive game concept that is designed to help children learn how to manage their diabetes. By spending time with Sue Lin, children learn more about managing their own blood-glucose levels, how different foods affect their blood sugar, and when to take insulin. This application could be compatible with mobile devices, or be included with glucose monitoring equipment. Our concept includes the development of a doll and picture book to accompany the interactive game.


Our main challenge on this project was to come up with an innovative way to improve the well-being and quality of life of children with diabetes.


Oak Grove developed the concept of In Sue Lin’s World™ to provide a comfortable and engaging learning environment for a child who has been diagnosed with diabetes. We designed a child-friendly interface with cartoon-like images and fanciful sounds/music. The child takes care of Sue Lin’s diabetes helping her through familiar situations such as choosing a good snack or checking her blood glucose level while playing. We also developed a companion workbook in which a child could write down personal notes, track exercise, and learn more about eating the right foods.


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In Sue Lin’s World won the Most Creative Idea Award in the 2010 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge.