• Dutch Department of Special Intervention (DSI)
  • Department of Defense
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA)
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Department of State
  • Benin
  • Iraq
  • Wise Global Group
  • Afghanistan

Oak Grove Technologies provides leading global experts to support international missions that require specialized training and real-world experience. These assignments are often performed in high-risk areas of the world many dare not go. Our experts possess the deep functional knowledge required to solve issues impacting unstable regions.

Intimate understanding of global issues allows Oak Grove to develop winning strategies and solutions for the international community. We provide unique insights and recommendations to our clients to help modernize, transform, and advance their organization. We ensure that our solutions meet the mission-specific mandates required by each of our clients.

Practical application of field training and experience make Oak Grove uniquely qualified to address mission-critical challenges faced by U.S. companies working abroad or foreign governments and companies trying to make a difference in their communities.