Human communication is more than language, and linguistic proficiency alone is insufficient to function successfully in a foreign operational environment. The Complete Operator must possess, in addition to formal language skills, knowledge of political institutions and social values and a keen perception of cultural dimensions. The Operator who can fit into a foreign community will have access to its people and its information at unimaginably critical levels.

Bringing Language and Cultural Knowledge to Life

Oak Grove builds Complete Operators who can navigate and shape a given human terrain by means of language, regional expertise, and cultural competence wedded to technical and non-technical skills. We build, sustain, and enhance foreign language proficiency through superior pedagogical methodologies, advanced instructional technologies, and practical field applications.

Our training scenarios and dilemmas are built specifically for the situations which personnel will face in-country, including:

  • Building Rapport
  • Information Exchange
  • Information Analysis
  • Cultural Adaptation
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Crisis Mitigation
  • Risk Management
  • Key Leader Engagement
  • Negotiation and Diplomacy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Adaptive Thinking and Leadership

Our team includes language instructors, regional experts, psychologists and sociologists, curriculum developers, scenario writers, role-players and trainers, certified language testers, interpreters, and translators. Our faculty is composed entirely of native speakers with strong academic credentials and many years of experience in the field. Many of our personnel are combat-tested, having served in theaters around the world supporting current U.S. military operations and diplomatic efforts. Behind the scenes, we have a program management and recruiting staff with the experience to recruit highly qualified personnel with experience in language instruction, document transcription/translation, diplomatic/combat interpretation, live role-player exercise support, and cultural advisement. Our academic specialists build courses and immersions in any world language which are based on mission-specific tasks and objectives and which are designed for functional, real-world, engagement resulting in success.

The ability of your personnel to succeed in challenging alien environments is assured by the depth and comprehensiveness of the training we offer.

Let us prepare you for the linguistic and cultural challenges you face.