Training for the Future of Law Enforcement

ALET combines next-generation virtual trainers with dedicated expert Instructor/Operators to improve firearms accuracy, decision making, and tactical acuity. Premier law enforcement agencies have relied on virtual trainers for judgement-based scenario training for decades. However, our Advanced Law Enforcement Trainer (ALET) now allows agencies to seamlessly integrate the advantages of virtual training into multiple disciplines.

By using advanced technology combined with expert on-site Instructor/Operator (IO) contractors, we provide a truly holistic approach to virtual training.

We are able to offer state-of-the-art Virtual Training as a Service (VTAAS). These dedicated experts ensure that our systems are updated with the latest software and technology, operated at full potential, and available for training at any time.


Our Difference:

Our holistic approach to virtual training eliminates barriers to integrating traditional scenario-based judgement training simulators with advanced marksmanship and tactical training. The tailorable capabilities provides cost savings/cost avoidance, maximizes training content, and mitigates risk to federal law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

Advanced Customization

We offer a variety of ways to customize our training to your exact needs.

  • Custom Videos: Our powerful Video Authoring Station allows our on-site IO’s to create custom video content including alternate branching for judgement-based scenarios.
  • Instructor Influence: ALET instructors can influence the training environment in real-time through physical, virtual and human factor manipulation.
  • Unique Student Profiles: ALET allows every student to have a unique profile in the system.
  • Detailed AAR Capabilities: All applications found on our ALET systems provide in-depth after-action review (AAR) capabilities. 
  • Target Engagement: Students can safely engage stationary and moving targets

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