SWAT Team Training


The Oak Grove Training Center staff were sought out to set up a day of range firing, force-on-force close quarters battle training (with and without a canine), and ballistic breaching, for a local SWAT Team, consisting of approximately 20 team members. The training took place during the coldest time of the year, and with a limited amount of daylight available. We conducted the range firing in the morning and the close quarters battle training and breaching in the afternoon. 


The challenge was fitting, what would normally have been three days of training into one. For the range firing, the SWAT Team wanted to incorporate as many tactical rifle and pistol skill sets as possible. The skills trained were, firing positions, strong hand/supported hand shooting, shooting from barriers, shooting while moving, shooting on the move, multiple-target- indexing, and tactical reloads. In the shoot house they wanted to conduct tactical building entries against an opposing force with and without the use of a canine unit, in order to practice their Tactical Standard Operating Procedures for these types of operations.


In order to accommodate the full scope of training in the allotted amount of time, for the morning training session we divided the range firing into two lanes, one for the rifle, and one for the pistol. All the above mentioned shooting skills were incorporated into both lanes, and we ran both lanes simultaneously. We also divided the SWAT Team into two groups, one for the rifle lane, and one for the pistol lane. When both groups were finished with one skill lane they rotated to the other. Upon completion of the range firing, the SWAT team broke for lunch, while the training center staff prepared for the afternoon session.

After lunch, we started out with a group lesson on ballistic breaching, where each member of the team was able to ballistically breach a door. Then as we did in the morning training session, we broke the SWAT Team up into two groups, one doing a tactical building entry with Simunitions(R) and going up against live role players who were also equipped with Simunitions(R). The other group conducted building entry/clearing techniques with and without a canine unit. After both groups conducted several iterations, they rotated.


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Dividing the training up into two parts and focusing on the client requirements allowed us to accomplish the stated training objectives, without sacrificing quality.