The real-world work of Military, Law Enforcement, and first responders requires navigation of variables and risk. Our comprehensive tactical training programs are designed to improve participants’ critical thinking skills and decision-making ability under stressful conditions.

Real Life Requires Real Training

Repeated exposure to realistic training conditions encourages operators to perform more efficiently when it matters most. In order to create an unparalleled training experience, we utilize realistic scenarios, exercise support personnel, subject matter expert trainers, and a combination of rural and urban environments. Drawing from our established network of exercise support personnel and training assets allows us to facilitate assimilated dilemma-driven scenario interactions.

Our solutions are tailored to meet specific requirements of the Military, Law Enforcement, and other government agencies. We offer our Military Special Operations Forces training to include Unconventional Warfare (UW), Irregular Warfare (IW), Foreign Internal Defense (FID) and Security Assistance mission sets. We currently provide comprehensive training support to the 1st Special Warfare Training Group at Fort Bragg and Camp Mackall, NC. This work includes providing facilities maintenance, training infrastructure, and target development support at both locations. As part of this effort, Oak Grove provides training support to the following courses:

  • SF Qualification Course

    • Small Unit Tactics
    • 18 Alpha, Bravo and Charlie MOS phases
    • Robin Sage
  • CA Qualification Course

    • Assessment and selection
    • Sluss Tiller
  • MISO Qualification Course

    • Assessment and selection
    • Black Knight

Our tactical training solutions support Law Enforcement, anti-terrorism, and special mission customer requests, to include executive protection, homeland defense, low visibility operations, active shooter response and a variety of other tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Oak Grove Training Center allows us to facilitate scenario-based learning wherein operators encounter difficult situations and must negotiate with various factions or address concerns, conflicts, and problems affecting the local populace. Live simulations integrate language specific role-play to create a culturally immersive environment. We specialize in TADSS integration and full mission profile scenario development in support of pre-mission training.