Wise Global Group

Wise Global Group (WGG) is an Afghan-owned company performing work for both the Afghan and US government. With English as a second language, WGG required assistance creating an identity along with communications materials to allow potential teammates and customers to access information about their company online.


WGG knew they needed a website redesign and more cohesive branding, but they weren’t sure exactly what they wanted.


We worked with WGG to determine who they wanted to be as an international company. This laid the groundwork for development of a rebranding campaign that differentiated the look and feel of all WGG marketing materials. Our gap analysis revealed existing materials that could be repurposed and areas requiring a little more focus.

The first task was to design a logo that embodied the identity WGG envisioned. Our team designed several logo options for WGG to consider then collaborated with WGG to select the one most appropriate. With the logo locked down, we moved on to redesigning WGG’s website. Based on our understanding of the client and their goals and values, we created designs options for site architecture, navigation, and layout that showcased categories WGG wished to highlight. 

To develop content for each container, we reworked existing content where possible. Our team interviewed WGG leadership in order to obtain additional content. To accommodate WGG’s need to be able to easily update information on their site in real time, our programmers conducted site build out using the Drupal content management system. Our design services didn’t stop there. No rebranding campaign would be complete without redesigned business cards, brochures, and folders.


Wise Global Group


Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations




Today, Wise Global Group’s website and marketing materials embody the nature of the company’s leadership team and its mission. WGG continues to grow partnerships and capture new business as a result of its revamped, cohesive branding.