Team Delivers Islamic Field Feeding Course

Monday, December 08th, 2014

Hoffman, NC - Oak Grove Technologies joined forces with Check Defense, LLC during the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) (Provisional) Islamic Field Feeding Training Course (Afghanistan).

Oak Grove collaborated with Check Defense, LLC at the Oak Grove Training Center for a five-day training course to educate Army students to use Islamic cooking materials to prepare an authentic Islamic meal. The students learned how to cook a meal in the style and presentation that would be expected by Afghan village elders.

This training encompassed instruction on Islamic culture and cooking which focused on the concepts of Halal and Haram. The concepts that were covered during the course included: identifying meat cuts from cattle, goat, lamb and poultry; cultural diversity; preserving meats, vegetables, animal hides, and cooked materials; Islamic and regional cooking techniques related to meal preparation, cutting, grinding, and curing meat portions; preparing bread; as well as preparing and serving authentic Islamic meals with indigenous cooking equipment. 

The students left the course with a basic understanding of the Afghan culture and how it is integrated into the preparation, presentation, and serving of an Afghan meal. The students now have the ability to serve Afghan recipes to host nation locals in order to show respect and help secure mission success.

Oak Grove Technologies’ owner and CEO, Mark Gross, has been helping develop other small businesses for the past 10 years. Josh Koscheck, a renowned mixed martial artist is founder of Check Defense, LLC. Josh and Mark have had a collaborative relationship for many years. “We are excited to be mentoring one of our past UFC sponsored fighters into achieving his entrepreneurship goals,” Mark said.

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