The nature of our nation’s military mission is constantly changing – we adjust to keep pace with evolving demands because a successful mission hinges on personnel preparedness.

Oak Grove Technologies offers one-of-a-kind training support and services to select Department of Defense and Special Operations units. Our services include exercise design and development, a broad range of training support and comprehensive logistics, and facilities management support. Our training support includes providing high quality instruction for a wide variety of operational, language, and cultural subjects. Our staff and instructors have recent institutional and operational experience, and as a result, understand recent threat tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as well as effective instructional methodologies allowing us to offer unique support to our customers.

Bringing Language and Cultural Knowledge to Life
Modular Adaptive Training Structure System (MATSS)
Oak Grove Training Center
Shoot House Walk Through
40’ Multi-purpose rappelling tower


  • Defense Manpower Data Center
  • 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Small Unit Tactics), and (18B Weapons Sergeant Course)
  • Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC)
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Army Intelligence Support Command
  • U.S. Central Command
  • U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School
  • U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency


The global war on terrorism demands excellence from industry in order for the warfighter to perform effectively whenever necessary.

Our mission is to equip our nation’s armed forces with the tactics and techniques they need to execute their mission whether in combat or preforming humanitarian functions. We offer specialized services in the areas of readiness, sustainability, and support of our nation’s operational forces.

We provide support to several special operations command outposts including USASOC, USSOCOM, MARSOC, SOCAFRICA. Platform instruction and readiness exercises, coupled with sustainability and support services, allows us to prepare Military personnel for emerging challenges using customized training techniques.


Oak Grove specializes in providing pre-mission training to the armed forces. Our customized training experience blends language, culture, and regional expertise in a mission-specific immersive environment to teach both linguistic and non-verbal cues through coaching, reflection, and guided practice.

Our truly unique and TRADOC recognized role-playing exercise support embodies an authentic, fully immersive cultural experiences to prepare our students for peak performance. Our support services are complimented by curriculum development, training aids, game-based simulations, scenario-based eLearning, and interactive web-based training to ensure readiness and prepare the students for the current and constantly changing operational environment.

Oak Grove builds human capital by investing in soldiers to prepare them to operate in the human terrain with language, culture, regional expertise, and other non-technical skills. Our language training is focused on sustaining and enhancing language via both task-specific language command set as well as advanced linguistic instruction. Our training scenarios and dilemmas are built specifically for the situations military units will be facing in-country.


We provide intelligence services and training to the US Armed Forces, the Intelligence Community (IC), and foreign security forces domestically and abroad. Threat analysis, force protection, and threat assessment for facilities, border, and installations helps determine the need to train foreign security forces so they can effectively serve and protect endanger populations. We are prepared to offer our full spectrum training capabilities and real-world operation support anywhere in the world.